Akila Tactical & Concealed has partnered with some of the largest distributors in the market and has access to almost every brand and type of firearm you may want.  Listed on this page are the items we currently have in stock and are available today.  Our inventory is fairly small at the moment but we can have almost any gun, which is available through our distributors, in your hands in three business days.  (NOTE: Wilson Combat has a lengthy waiting period so order early.)  If you don't see the  gun you're looking for  here, please let me know and I will find out if it is available.



Smith and Wesson Model 586-3   $800.00

This .357 Magnum revolver is a beauty.  A slightly used handgun that looks like it came out of the box today.  Blued finished with Pachmyr grips and a 5" barrel.   

Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle (Used)    $375.00

Dirty Harry?  Not quite, just a much small version.  This rugged little beast fits perfectly in your pocket or purse for a night out on the town and you're the only one who knows you have it.  The Micro Desert Eagle is chambered in .380 and comes with two 6-round magazines, one with the pinkie extension.  It has a nickel finish and is only 4.52" long, weighing only 14 oz.  Note: This is a used handgun but is a beauty, in near mint condition, I rated it at 98%.


Ruger Gunsight Scout - M77GS     $995.95

A .308 caliber bolt-action rifle - amazing to look at, hold and shoot.  This right hand model has the black 16.5", barrel, weighs 7 lbs, comes with a rail on top for mounting your optic, mounting rings and one 10 round magazine.

Auto Ordinance M1 Carbine, Paratrooper, .30 cal 

This one is an absolute gem.  The perfect gun to take with you on the outdoor trek across the wilderness.  It's light, compact and has the power to reach out and touch your target.  The M1 Carbine has been around a very long time and has earned the respect of many gun enthusiast.  The collapsible/folding stock makes it easy to carry and store.  This one comes with one 15-round magazine and has a 18" barrel.  The walnut handguard is beautiful to admire.  This is another one of our must see guns.


Mossberg Model 590A1 Tactical (Used)    $550.00

This 8+1 round, tactical 12 gauge shotgun, 20" barrel, chambered for 2 3/4" and 3" shells, is set up and ready to use.  It comes with a 4-position collapsible stock and ghost ring sights.  This is a used shotgun but looks amazing, with only slight slide marks on the tube. 

AR Parts

Akila Tactical and Concealed is direct with Rock River Arms and Wilson Combat.  We keep RRA parts in stock and if we don't have what you're looking for we can order it for you.  Parts currently in-stock include:

Rock River Arms Stripped LAR-15 lowers   $129.95

Mil-Spec forged Rock River Arms stripped lower receivers.

Rock River Arms Lower Receiver Parts Kits - No Trigger Groups    $55.00

Akila Tactical recommends a Wilson Combat trigger group for this set-up, we have them available by special order from Wilson.  Typically a 2-5 week wait on those triggers.

PMAG 30-round AR-15 Magazines    $12.50            

We currently have the following in stock:

- Fiocchi .223, 55gr, PSP, 20ct boxes for $10.75
- American Eagle .45, 230gr, FMJ, 50ct boxes for $24.95
- Fiocchi 9mm, 115gr, FMJ, 50ct boxes for $16.00

Currently ATCOk can accept cash, checks ($35.00 fee for any insufficient funds returns), Credit Cards (Visa/MC) and PayPal.  Please contact us at to purchase.

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