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Akila Tactical & Concealed has a Self Defense Act (SDA) class scheduled for 20 July 2013.  SDA provides you all of the training requirements needed to obtain your Oklahoma Handgun Permit, previously known as the Oklahoma Concealed Carry Permit.  Our classes are limited in size, so sign up early to ensure your seat.  See you in class.

ATCOk has handguns, rifles and ammo in stock.  Just a few of the guns available include a couple of BullPup rifles (FN PS90 and a FN FS2000), Ruger Gun Site Scout .308, a couple of Taurus 1911s (in .38 Super), the new Springfield XD-S (.45) and a Ultra Light .44 Magnum.  Ammo includes some Thunderbolt .22, 30-06, .308, .38 Super, 410 shells (including Winchesters PDX-1), .44 Magnum, .45 Colt, .50 AE, .500 S&W, 7.62 x 39, and some Remington 00 Buck Shot. 
Contact us for pricing of your new firearm.

Also, remember ATCOk is your Wilson Combat dealer, let us order your new Wilson.

As a FFL holder, Akila Tactical and Concealed has access to many types of firearms at great prices.  Glocks, Springfield Armory, S&W, Ruger, Beretta, Colt and many others are available.  Give us a chance to meet your weapon needs.  We also have a certified Glock Armorer on staff for all of your Glock repair/maintenance needs.

Akila Tactical & Concealed provides Oklahoma Self Defense Act (SDA) Classes, basic and advanced handgun training and Concealed Carry Holsters and Equipment.

At Akila Tactical & Concealed of Oklahoma (ATCOk), we ensure our customers are Aware, Trained, Equipped and Certified to meet the challenges of today's environment.  We provide:

  • Basic and advanced personal security training
  • Oklahoma Self-Defense Act (Handgun License) training
  • Security Consulting Services

Our goal is to ensure all of our clients (you) are prepared to face the dangers of a troubled economic situation, to learn defensive techniques that work, to successfully complete the training requirements to obtain an Oklahoma SDA permit, and ensure safe practices.  

ATCOk also sells the best gear available to ensure your training is supported by the right equipment.  Ensuring your eqiupment is right for you is one of the most important steps to being prepared.  Working closely with proven tactical gear companies, ATCOk provides access to some of the best tactical items on the market.  One of ATCOk's premier partners is Comp-Tac, a leader in Tactical Concealment equipment.  All of ATCOk's team members wear Comp-Tac gear and trust our lives with it.

Come train with us and ensure you're prepared to meet today's challenges.

      "I very much enjoyed the class.  It was much more fast-paced and informative that I had imagined.  Great stuff!", Michael T.

      "Earlier today I was in your SDA class and wanted to tell you thanks. I was impressed. Your manner and control of the group were both notable. At one point when people were starting to stray from the subject at hand you handily reeled us back in. I appreciate that you got me settled in at the gun range without making me feel like a total moron. I had only fired two rounds through my weapon before today and it showed. I was okay as soon as I settled down. The grip was different and not second nature.

          As I hinted earlier I have made people assume room temperature using a firearm and you're right: it does change you. My first night in Viet Nam I had to kill a twelve year-old girl who was lobbing hand grenades and crying her eyes out saying ( in Vietnamese...I had just finished adding interpreter to my skills) that we had killed her parents. I never found out the truth of that story. I have always been furious that she had been used so horribly and set up the way she was. You are changed.
          Sorry, maybe that last part was for therapy.
           Any way, thanks. I'll go to your website to shop.", Ross T 

      "Dean, thank you for all the valuable information! Your class is awesome and I will recommend you to everyone! You are a true professional and a wealth of knowledge.  Class of June 22-24.", Jarret C
Any questions?  Please contact webmaster@atcok.com
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